• Jade Witte says:

    Great article Abby! Approximately 5 years ago I rekindled my relationship with God after drifting away for a fairly long period. I opened the door and invited Him into my heart and my life. That moment I felt a surge of His presence like never before and it continues to this day. He never left my side through that time I was drifting, but the feeling I have now, being in a real relationship is truly amazing. Thank you reminding me of just how awesome it is to have such a steadfast friend in my life—my Lord and savior.

  • Dad says:

    Wow, Abby I couldn’t have said it better myself. God is absolutely the only cure for our systemic fear, loneliness, insecurity and general sin infestation. Thank you for being an encouragement to me when I try to self-medicate for these issues in my life and don’t rely on God to take these burdens for me. I am so proud of you and the Godly woman you have become. Love you!

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